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portable plant pot

Becky is a plant pot with a passport to travel, a plant pot designed to be carried and to be held. This new archetype creates an emotional doorway to family connections through which the user can enter.


Becky is a resolution to Nomadic Nation’ brief, which focuses on ‘generation rent’, or the ‘new nomads’, a current demographic of young professionals, working in the city and moving jobs and home relatively often. In contrast to the original nomadic people, who would live, work and move together as a family unit, the new nomads are away from their families. The illustrated story of Becky highlights this and communicates the origins of the design concept.


Practical experimentation with ceramics, wood and modelling materials led the ergonomic and aesthetic development of Becky. ‘She’ is made to rest comfortably in the hand and indeed to be held in a way which practices a closeness, much like a mug of hot chocolate would be ‘cupped’ or the way in which a child would hug a teddy bear.

An unconventional idea born of insightful observation, Becky is a platform for calm self-reflection in a fast-paced, hectic world.

Design - Oksana Bondar, Ed Houghton


Client - 


This is Becky. Becky is a new nomad.




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