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The Rejuvenator

domestic agriculture in 2030


The Rejuvenator is a design concept for a system which turns human waste into energy for the home.

Beginning with no more than a snippet of information, the project brief was to make a short film demonstrating a product or system developed from this

‘fact’, which could exist in the year 2030. The concept had to address either work, parents, agriculture or patriotism.


The chosen ‘loose fact’ was that astronauts currently drink their own urine (after reprocessing through a machine). The idea to people on earth is off-put-

ting but in space it is essential in order to conserve resources. From this was formed the idea for the normalisation of reusing human waste in the home


to combat dwindling energy resources.


The film demonstrates that, by the year 2030, humans will have adapted and accepted that the benefits of reusing human waste far outweigh any fleet-

ing social awkwardness.


Concept Design - Oksana Bondar, Ed Houghton

Film Direction, Acting, Camera & Editing - Oksana Bondar, Ed Houghton



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