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What will the effect of Brexit be on the possibility of Britain’s transition into a localized mode of design and production practice?

"It’s believed that all sustainability is local (McDonough and Braungart,2002). The subject of sustainability has been around for a while however many struggle to define it never mind to put it into practice. In 1987 The World Commission on Environment defined sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"(Shuman, 1998, p22). Transition Design movement speaks of sustainability practice to be able to bring “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (Du Plessis, 2015, p2). As a designer yarning to change the world to be a better place I have been searching for a way to create and develop sustainably. Traditionally, product design goes hand in hand with one of the most socially, environmentally and economically disruptive industry – manufacturing. Fabrication nuances tend to be an afterthought for the designers busy working at their drawing boards and are usually driven by the capitalistic intentions to produce efficiently and cheaply in order to guaranty lavish returns on the shareholders' investments and drive the economy infinitely up. However, given the current state of our planet and society, we can no longer afford to operate with the 19th-century mindset of taking, making and thoughtlessly disposing. So where do we start and what could be our first step into a planet nurturing future of design and production practice. I believe the first and foremost thought should concern the locality of the given practice. To focus on the nearby lands can be a difficult concept in itself considering how borderless and global our lives have become. The global infrastructure has made us blind to the values of ‘here' and the transition to localization seems hard to consider or even altogether pointless. However, in the hindsight of the recent political events I’ve wondered whether we could be almost forced to transition. On the 23rdof June 2016, the UK withdrew from the EU and that caused shock and despair in the country. Nevertheless, I would like to explore how such groundbreaking changes in politics can be seen as an opportunity for the country to become self-sufficient, resilient and sustainable at long last." 

Full text available here

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