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Food Skins

refillable bottle for zero waste liquid food shopping

The future-forward project Food Skins responds to the recent announcement by the UK supermarkets to go plastic free and it attempts to facilitate mass implementation of zero waste food shopping through a utilitarian object. Particularly, the project explores the best way to restock liquids in a form of an expandable refillable bottle.


The concept was inspired by the success of pocket size, collapsible, reusable shopping bags that have dramatically reduced the use of the plastic ones and have now seamlessly been integrated into people’s daily lives.


The bottle is made out of one renewable material - natural rubber for ease of returning the raw material back to the industry or environment. The shape of the bottle features an opening so that it can be worn, making it easy to carry whilst also expressing the user’s advocacy of the waste-less lifestyle. Its round profile visually references the circular design intentions of the project. 

Design - Oksana Bondar

Film Direction & Production - Oksana Bondar

Camera & Editing - Ada Wesolowska

Food skins

Food skins

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