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Well.b is a wearable device designed to continuously monitor cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases are a No. 1 killer in the world and the majority of deaths is caused BY misdiagnosis.


Thus, the main purpose of Well.b is to prevent the development of serious illnesses as well as help managing existing chronic conditions by detecting and analysing the changes in biodata through a sophisticated hardware and software. It comes in the shape of two armbands made out of graphite silk which contains 7 sensors (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, 9 axis, respiratory rate, ECG) and a small part housing motherboard and battery. The wearable comes with an app which shows biodata readings in real time as well as provides weekly/monthly reports, alerting the user when abnormalities are detected, communicates possible causes and suggests solutions. The device is intended to be integrated into the NHS and in particular its near future cloud-based system. Well.b is to be distributed through the NHS and is aimed to significantly ease its busyness and improve the efficiency of health services from GPs to paramedics. 


Well.b is discrete and easy to use however will be able to provide clinical grade data. Apart from monitoring the data, it will have a sophisticated software that will learn about the user, communicate with him/her and will be able to help normalise the biodata. The user’s GP will be able to have an access to the data (if the user agrees to share it) which will help manage chronically ill and critical patients. It is not designed to diagnose however it offers a unique opportunity for the user to gain an insight into their health status and as a result take a better care of themselves. Well.b will also make it possible for the health professionals to have an access to a never before available wealth of biodata in order to diagnose and treat more accurately and efficiently. 

Design - Oksana Bondar, Sebastian Oglecki

Film Production, Direction & Script - Oksana Bondar, Sebastian Oglecki

Film - Ada Wesolowska

Sound & Editing - Sam Hailey



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fastening magnets

motherboard housing


- heart rate 

- blood pressure

- temperature

- 9 axis

- respiratory rate

- blood oxygen


graphene silk band

magnetic battery

battery charging dock

magnetic battery housing




well.b box
well.b context
well.b put it on2



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